Term: Now - Dec. 10, 2022

Tuition $320 Fall/Winter Term

50% Due by first class. Term must be paid in full by October 15, 2022.

No Registration Fees. No Costume Fees. No Production Fees.

Just straightforward tuition and a safe place for the young dancer to grow!


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Building Strong, Confident Dancers.

Revolution Dance Theatre is proud to offer dance students a curated learning experience in an intentionally inclusive environment. With a focus on building technique and confidence- our students learn skills they'll find invaluable for both the studio and for life.

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Average Ages: 4 -6

Pink Leotards

Students in this course focus on creative movement techniques, use of feet, standing at the barre, understanding posture and turnout.


With an emphasis on establishing ballet discipline. Students are promoted to canary level when they demonstrate consistent ability to follow direction, reflect basic ballet discipline and when they begin to execute principles at the barre and in center. 

Pre-Ballet Core Class:

Tuesday & Thursday

4:30p - 5:30p



Average Ages: 6 - 9

Yellow Leotards

Students in this course focus on understanding the fundamentals of classical ballet, focusing on proper body alignment, basic ballet technique, intro Horton Technique, and terminology, and musicality.


 Students are promoted to Robin level when they clearly demonstrate an understanding of ballet basics and are ready to concentrate on developing a broader ballet vocabulary.

Canary Core Classes:

Tuesday 5:30p - 6:30p

Thursday 4:30p - 5:30p



Average Ages: 10 - 15

Red Leotards

Students in this course focus on developing a broader ballet vocabulary, doing more barre and center work, and focusing on correct placement.

Designed to prepare dancers for more rigourous class work and pointe, students build on strength, conditioning, and refining their movement with attention to technique, execution and artistry. 

Robin Core Classes:

Tuesday 6:30p - 7:45p


5:30p - 6:30p

6:40p - 7:45:p

blue birds

Average Ages: 12 - 18

Blue Leotards

Students, at this level, begin pointe work and focus on technique through repetitive exercises and patterns at the barre and across the floor.  Emphasis is put on the dancers' ability to apply concepts of ballet technique to center work and across the floor - preparing for style and choreography. 

After this level, students may be invited to begin  pre-professional or professional work with the company.

Thursday 5:15p. - 6:30p

Saturday 9:45a - 11:00a 


Students across various levels, if cast in performance projects, may need to attend Saturday classes or rehearsals.

Elective Classes:

Hip Hop Friday's
Pre-B / Canaries: 5:00 - 5:50p
Robins / Blue Birds: 6:00p - 7:00p

Additional $75 per term

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Fall/Winter Signups now open

Ready to get started? Fill out the following questionnaire and one of our dedicated staff will be able to determine your child's placement and enroll them in our program.

Space is limited per level. Spots are given on a first come, first served basis.

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Your child's schedule for the Fall Academy is determined by their skill level. You may be asked to come in to the studio for an audition/placement class before the session starts. In most cases, by answering the following questionnaire, our team can confidently curate the best class schedule for your child's needs.

Class Placement

Thank you for completing the prre-registration form. We look forward to dancing with you!


Northside Dance Education Center

All Academy Classes take place at our Northside Dance Education Center. Thanks to generous support, we were able to create this space dedicated exclusively to spreading the joy of dance.

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Performance Opportunities

Our students regularly receive performance opportunities throughout the year. However, casting decisions are based solely on a students ability, regular class attendance and attitude. All Academy students will have the opportunity to audition for "Hot Chocolate" for a chance to dance with the main company at the Aronoff  Center!

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Flesh Colored footed (or convertible) tights.

Flesh Colored (must match tights) split sole canvas ballet shoes.


(Color determined by level)


Fitted White T. Shirt.

Black Tights to ankle.

Flesh Colored split sole canvas ballet shoes.


Suggested dress code items for Tap Classes. Students may wear ballet clothes, or they have the option to wear leggings, or shorts with their appropriately colored shirts.

Tap students will be expected to wear tap shoes.



Flesh Colored footless (or convertible) tights.


(Color determined by level)

Optional: Flesh Colored (must match tights) split sole canvas ballet shoes.


(Color determined by level)


Fitted black T. Shirt.

Black Tights to ankle.

Optional:Flesh Colored split sole canvas ballet shoes.

hip hop

Students may wear comfortable clothing for hip hop. Clothing must be breathable, age appropriate and allow for free movement.


No jeans or khakis will be permitted in class. All students must bring gym shoes. Crocs, sandals and other similar shoes are not permissible.



The academy offers dance classes in ballet, tap, modern, and hip-hop. While a child may definitely have a preference, all Academy students are expected train in ballet and modern and are offered the elective for tap and hip-hop.

Individual student schedules are determined by a number of factors. You may be asked to attend a placement class at the beginning of the season before receiving a schedule. Ordinarily our staff can curate a schedule/place a child using the information provided in the placement form .

Although most students can expect to attend classes across 2-3 days a week. If your child is invited to participate in a performance, they may also be given a rehearsal time to commit to as well.

Once a schedule has been decided for your child, the expectation is that they will commit to it. Our goal is to build a strong program of dancers. The Academy is not a "drop-in" when you can program. Curriculum and goals are set for the dancers and their attendance is necessary to meet them.


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