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The Academy at Revolution Dance Theatre extends the magic of ballet to those who need it most. Our purpose is simple: through routines that boost physical, mental, and social well-being, we equip future leaders with the tools they need for success today.

Benchmarks for each level in the Academy focus on technical progress, personal development, and readiness for advancement:

**Level 1: Introduction to Ballet**

Focus: Establishing Ballet Basics

- Basic understanding of ballet terminology and positions.

- Demonstrate proper posture and alignment.

- Develop basic coordination and musicality.

- Focus on developing natural turnout awareness.

- Develop the ability to follow instructions and work in a structured class environment.


*Sample Exercises:*

1. Ballet Positions Practice: Students practice first, second, third, and fourth positions at the barre, focusing on correct placement and alignment of the feet and arms.

2. Alignment and Posture Drill: Exercises emphasizing standing tall, maintaining neutral spine, and engaging core muscles.

3. Turnout Exploration: Activities that develop awareness of natural turnout through gentle stretching and seated exercises.

**Level 4: Intermediate Technique**

Focus: Enhancing Technical Precision

- Proficiency in more complex ballet movements and combinations.

- Strong control over turnout and alignment.

- Develop increased flexibility and extension.

- Demonstrate improved control in pirouettes and jumps.

- Exhibit a growing ability to express emotions through movement.

- Introduction to more intricate allegro work.


*Sample Exercises:*

1. Battement Tendu and Glissade Combination: Combining tendu exercises with glissade jumps, emphasizing coordination and dynamic transitions.

2. Adagio Sequence: Developing control and balance through slow, controlled adagio exercises.

3. Multiple Pirouettes Practice: Introducing multiple pirouette rotations, focusing on alignment, spotting, and stability.

**Level 2: Fundamentals of Ballet**

Focus: Building Technical Foundation

- Mastery in fundamental positions and movements.

- Stronger emphasis on maintaining proper turnout, alignment. and their application.

- Show improvement in flexibility and range of motion.

- Demonstrate increased focus and discipline during class.

- Introduction to simple barre exercises.


*Sample Exercises:*

1. Plié Series: Combination of demi-pliés and grand pliés at the barre, focusing on maintaining turnout and alignment while bending the knees.

2. Tendu and Dégagé Combinations: Incorporating footwork exercises that emphasize turnout and proper leg extension.

3. Port de Bras Practice: Integrating arm movements with tendu exercises, coordinating upper body with lower body movements.

**Level 5: Advanced Training**

Focus: Polishing Technique and Artistry

- Mastery of complex ballet movements including multiple turns and jumps.

- Demonstrate strong control and balance in adagio and allegro work.

- Showcase improved artistry and stage presence.

- Begin to develop an understanding of partnering work.

- Mastery of complex Ballet movements and techniques.

- Proficiency in complex allegro and adagio combinations.

- Focus on enhancing artistry and musicality.


*Sample Exercises:*

1. Grand Allegro Variations: Complex combinations of jumps like entrechat six, sissonne battu, and tour jeté, emphasizing height, control, and timing.

2. Adagio with Expression: Incorporating emotional expression into adagio exercises, focusing on fluidity and conveying the music's mood.

3. Variations from Classic Repertoire: Introducing short variations from classic ballets, allowing students to embody character and style.

**Level 3: Building Technique**

Focus: Developing Strength and Control

- Mastery of fundamental positions and movements.

- Exhibit improved control over turnout and alignment.

- Develop basic strength and balance.

- Showcase improved memorization of choreography and combinations.

- Strong focus on maintaining proper turnout and alignment.

- Progression to more complex barre exercises.


*Sample Exercises:*

1. Rond de Jambe Combination: Incorporating rond de jambe à terre and en l'air exercises, focusing on fluidity and alignment.

2. Developpé Series: Building leg strength and flexibility through developpé exercises at the barre.

3. Pirouette Preparations: Introducing preparatory exercises for pirouettes, focusing on spotting, arm coordination, and balance.

**Level 6: Pre-Professional Preparation**

Focus: Advancing Technical Proficiency

- Mastery of intricate Ballet movements and variations.

- Strong control over turnout, alignment, and coordination.

- Introduction to more partnering work.

- Proficiency in advanced turns, jumps, and combinations.

- Exhibit a high level of control and technical precision.

- Showcase strong artistry and interpretive skills.

- Develop a strong work ethic, resilience, and focus.


*Sample Exercises:*

1. Advanced Pirouette Combinations: Incorporating various arm positions, multiple turns, and direction changes in pirouette combinations.

2. Grand Allegro Variations: Complex and extended allegro sequences, showcasing control and artistry in longer combinations.

3. Partnering Fundamentals: Introducing basic partnering exercises, lifts, and supported turns to develop collaborative skills.

**Level 7: Pre-Professional Mastery**

Focus: Mastery of Technique and Expression

- Mastery of intricate and demanding ballet techniques.

- Exceptional control over turnout, alignment, and dynamics.

- Showcase exceptional artistry, stage presence, and expression.

- Exhibit advanced partnering skills and collaborative abilities.

- Demonstrate strong leadership, discipline, and dedication.

- Mastery of advanced ballet variations

- Mastery of partnering work and group formations.


*Sample Exercises:*

1. Variations from Full-Length Ballets: Presenting longer and more challenging variations from renowned ballets, incorporating advanced technique and storytelling.

2. Extended Adagio Sequences: Complex adagio sequences that demand exceptional control, expressiveness, and sustained balance.

3. Advanced Partnering Work: Complex partnering exercises, lifts, and coordinated movements that showcase mastery of technique and collaboration.

Next steps:

1.  Review the Parent / Student Expectation Summary

 *a full handbook will be provided at a later time

2.  Review Tuition and Payment Expectations 

3.  Complete the Audition Registration Process

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