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Revolution Dance Theatre is a professional ballet company creating theatre and dance opportunities for African Americans. Intent on inclusion, we provide concerts, classes, and community engagement activities that inspire equitable change, not only for the ballet industry, but for the world.

Our vision is to be America's choice for ballet that is engaging, entertaining, inspiring, and inclusive. Committed to taking a new approach to an classical art form, we will not only change what people think about ballet, we will change what people think about blackness. This is how we'll change the world.

RDT SummerFestival 2022
Company Artist Asya Graves
Academy class w_Cynthia cu
David Choate's "Hot Chocolate"
Company Dancers in Rehearsal
David Choate's "Hot Chocolate"
its love Company Rehearsal arm
RDT in Performance

Our commitment to ballet is matched by our commitment to culture. Ballet companies around the world will perform Coppelia, Swan Lake, Giselle, and the Nutcracker - so we don't need to. We prefer to bring you new, original stories, that celebrate the African American experience. We believe a tendu to Jay-Z, is just as impactful as a tendu to Tchaikovsky. The only difference is, one will continue to uphold tradition, the other will be more likely to attract and engage a new audience. Because we believe revolution is about change, we always opt for the latter. This philosophy has allowed us to push the bounds of this art form and cultivate a new audience. Boasting several sold out performances, RDT has managed to energize the black community over the most unlikeliest of art forms, ballet.

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Our Mindset

How can we be, what we've so rarely seen?

One thing we believe at Revolution Dance Theatre is that Representation Matters! In a city that had gone over 16 years without a single African American Female contracted to perform with a major ballet company - we value our unique responsibility to step into this space and work to correct this issue.


So are we putting people onstage just because they're black? No! We make no compromise to hard work, dedication, commitment to excellence and the value of the ballet aesthetic. We also invite a diverse cast of dancers into our company. 


We believe ballet can be as inclusive as it is beautiful. We enjoy performing, to make believers out of you all too!


Revolution Dance Theatre is now the only African American Dance Company in Residence at Cincinnati's Aronoff Center for the Arts.  RDT is honored to bring diverse programming to this stage and create opportunities for future professional artists.

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